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The Institute Organization includes:
1.    Functional Departments
  • Department of Administration
  • Department of Planning and Finance
  • Department of Training and International Cooperation
2.    Research Departments
  • Department of Water Resources and Climate Change
  • Department of Environment
  • Department of Irrigation, Drainage and Land Reclamation
  • Department of Water Supply
  • Department of Water Resources System Modernization and Management
  • Department of General Laboratory
3.    Technology Transfer, Consultancy for Production and Research Center:
  • Center for Water Resources of the Northern Mountainous Region (Viet Tri City &ndash Phu Tho Province)
  • Center for Water Resources of the Northern Delta Region (Thuong Tin District &ndash Hanoi)
  • Center for Water Resources and Environment for the Coastal area and islands (Hai Phong City)

IWE has 110 staffs of which, there are 2 Associate Professors, 8 Doctors, 28 Masters, 55 Engineers and 19 Technicians, Cleaners and Security guards 30 of them can use English fluently accounted for 27% 20 of them did their Master degree overseas, accounted for 18%. More than 50% staffs were trained in Water Resources, 17% in Environment, others in Hydrogeology, Biology and Chemical Analysis.

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