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Meeting the Council of Science and Technology at the State level KC.08.25/06-10
Updated at: 12/16/2011 1:40:25 AM
On December 17th, 2010 at Vietnam Academy of Water Resources, meeting of Science and Technology at the State level was held to assess results of topic "Research, evaluate effects of works on main discharge and solutions on management and utilization of surface water of Huong river basin effectively". Entered the meeting, there were office leaders of key programs at the State level, program KC.08. Topic with code KC.08.25/06-10 was presided by Assoc.Prof Nguyen Quang Trung - Institute for Water, Irrigation and Environment of Vietnam Academy of Water Resources. 06 units entered in this topic including

1. Institute for Water, Irrigation and Environment of Vietnam Academy of Water Resources
2. National Key Laboratory on river and sea dynamics - Vietnam Academy of Water Resources
3. Institute of Geography - Institute of Science and Technology of Vietnam
4. University of Natural Sciences - Hue University
5. Branch office of Environment - Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Thua Thien Hue
6. Project Management Board of Huong River
Objectives of topics are to assess the impacts of works on the main discharge of Huong river on conditions of hydrology, hydraulics and water sources of downstream areas as foundation for proposing solutions on mitigating negative impacts, ensuring sustainable development on the basin proposing solutions effective use of surface water for socio-economic sectors and preventing degradation of water sources (quantity and quality) and other key eco-system on Huong river basin establishing scientific basis for operating and managing water sources to ensure rational, fair use, limiting risks and harmonizing economic, social and environmental benefits. Topic has practical contribution in building the database records, balancing water for sub-basins and entire basin evaluating impacts of works as putting into operation to problems on water supply, erosion, water quality and salinity spread proposing solutions on construction and non-construction to exploit and use water sources efficiently towards economic sectors as well as sustainable solutions for river bed, protection of banks.

Topic was assessed and accepted at good grade by the Council
Vu Van Hai
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