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Situation on examination, assessment of project's topics at all levels phase I
Updated at: 12/16/2011 1:39:52 AM
From December 08th, 2010 &ndash December 13th, 2010, Vietnam Academy of Water resources coordinates with Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Department of Finance - Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to organize inspections and evaluation of completed volumes in 2010 towards topics and projects on production and testing at Ministry and local levels presides and carries out by Vietnam Academy of Water resources.

The Academy co-organized to check 23 ministerial-level topics, 25 local-level topics, 07 ministerial-level topics ending in 2010. Generally, topics and projects were completed researched contents on schedule, acceptance in time and in good quality. Most topics at local level this year ò the Academy is closed.

Some topics, projects are significant in field of science and highly practical. There are some products and applications used in production and highly appreciated by the council:

1. Researching topic at local level, "Research on manufacturing cement-originated permeable paint for waterproofing concrete structures of irrigation works" headed by MA. Nguyen Quang Binh in which has produced waterproof permeable coating for irrigation works.

2. Researching topic at local level, "Research on possibility of application of synthetic materials in repairing and upgrading culverts under dam of small and medium sized reservoirs in the northern mountainous areas" headed by MA. Nguyen Chi Thanh is researching trend which is significant in field of science and highly practical, with promises to be applied in repairing and upgrading irrigation works.

3. Researching topic at local level, "Research, design and manufacture cyclone water film under application of Venturi tubes to enhance capacity of dust filter in exhausting gas contributing to clean up the environment in trade village and industrial zones in Vietnam Nam" headed by Dr. Vu Chi Cuong. Topic produced and pilot installed at Hung Long timber workshop - Dong Ky - Bac Ninh

4. Researching topic at local level, "Research and application on solution on processing foundation of irrigation works on weak soil area of the Mekong delta by soil column &ndash deep mixing and drilling cement" presided by MA. Phung Vinh An providing methods on processing foundation with cost reduction of 30% compared to other ones. Researching topic was tested at .... by director and highly appreciated by the local

5. Researching topic at local level: "Research on solution of planting to protect coastal dikes, contributing to improve the environment for provinces from Quang Ngai to Kien Giang” by Dr. Trinh Van Hanh providing solution on fixing wave-bearing trees, againstshipworm hanging on trees.

6. Pilot production projects at Ministerial level: improve technology on worm prevention to protect coffee trees in the Central Highlands in order to enhance productivity and quality of coffee presided by the MA. Nguyen Tan Vuong which showing actually testing results very good, identified dose of bait, size, density of bait stations appropriately and are being transferred into practical use.

7. Pilot production projects at Ministerial level “Research, design and produce controlling and remote control equipments of water levels distributed on watering channel” presided by MA. Nguyen Quoc Hiep which was tested successfully with regards of modules, project&rsquos products could potentially applied in production, contributing to modernization of agricultural production.
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